Luca Taccardi

Baroque cello,
Viola da gamba,
Bowed instruments,
String ensembles

Dealing with the music of Frescobaldi, Gabrielli, Vivaldi, Bach, Boccherini; personal repertoire. Master classes: aspects of position with baroque cello, sound production with gut strings, violoncello’s role in basso continuo, articulation and phrasing also with modern instrument. A few Baroque instruments will be available to students to practice on. Bowed string instrument players only in chamber music program: Baroque articulation and phrasing on early instruments and on modern ones. The meaning of improvisation, the use of early music in modern musical didactics. Repertoire XVII-XVIII century for solo bowed instruments. Parts’ study for the mixed components of the course. German music: Bach, Telemann, Abel, etc. Personal repertoire.
Luca Taccardi studied at the Turin Conservatory with Antonio Mosca and successively with Enrico Dindo, Emil Klein and Alain Meunier. In 1997 and 2000, he gave the world premieres of works dedicated to him by F. Ibrahimi, the most important Albanese composer, at the Teatro dell’Opera di Tirana. Since the beginning of his career, he has dedicated himself to the investigation of early music, and performs with various ensembles.  In 2008, he founded the Inégalensemble, with which he is active in promoting repertoire with fortepiano. He was member of the jury for various competitions, among which the Festival Balcanico delle Orchestre d’Archi. He teaches cello at the Sfom della Valle d’Aosta
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