Summer Courses of Musica Antica in Magnano
Patronized by the Willy Brauchli Fondation
Magnano, 13 - 21 August 2020

The object of these courses is to offer specialisation to trained musicians and to introduce younger musicians to the study and interpretation of early music. The courses include the study of musicological and organological aspects related to the various instruments. Following early pedagogical traditions, students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the other early keyboard instruments and discover their technical features. Students will practise on various copies of original instrument.

The simultaneous presence of voice, recorder, bowed instruments, viola da gamba, baroque cello, and all keyboard instruments offers an ideal situation for the study of the technical particularities of chamber music. Lectures on organological and musicological themes complement the instrumental and vocal courses. The realisation of an ensemble production, vocal (solists and student choir) and instrumental, allows further study of the musical aspects which characterise it: ranging from historic-stylistic, through thematic lectures, to those related to performance practice and interpretation, involving all the students in a challenging and educative project, culminating in a public performance.

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